Peace and Strength is found when connected to your True Self

"We are most empowered for change when we are connected to self, others, values, and meaning"

Our highest value at Mellow Mountain Counseling is to assist you in being able to build connection. It's a word we throw around quite a bit here, but it's one word that we've found to be incredibly important.  Most challenges that bring people to counseling tend to stem from  them disconnecting in some important area within their lives. We see it as our job to diagnose where the disconnection is happening, and then look at ways where reconnection can occur and stronger connection can be fostered.   

Mellow Mountain Counseling is dedicated to our goal of ensuring quality counseling services which are authentic, accessible, and affordable for you.  

How we try to accomplish our goal

(We are currently seeking to panel with multiple insurance companies in order to decrease costs for you)

It's nice to have someone along for the Journey

Healing and understanding occurs in therapy when there is a strong relationship between you and your counselor which is caring and non-judgmental. The process, or therapy Journey includes: 

This road trip is about you becoming a more confident driver, going the direction you want to go, and empowering you to move forward on the life you want to live.

We're here to be the passenger to help with supporting you in the process, you don't have to do this alone.    

Wellness for Rural Communities

Reaching out to agricultural and rural communities to help with improving resources and awareness for rural mental health