Bringing Therapy to the Farm

Improving mental health services and awareness of resources

in agricultural and rural communities.

Part of our passion at Mellow Mountain Counseling is improving the outreach for therapeutic services to rural areas, farmers, and ranchers. We've grown up, lived, and worked in small towns and farms. We understand the many strengths, joys, and challenges that this lifestyle can bring. The dynamics of country life can be complicated, and there can often be a bitter-sweet component to whatever the current struggle is, and many times it comes from a conflict in values and a compounding of stress. Another thing that we know is the resilience, values, and relationships which reside within your family and communities and find that it is the natural internal resources you already posses which are going to get you through the tough times.

We just want to say that we get it, and we are here to support you in sorting it out

Another reason we bring agriculture up as part of our mission is because we are well aware of the life lessons which growing and living in the country can bring. Utilizing these lessons which are brought up by nature are extremely therapeutic and can cause healing in and of themselves.

So not only do we want to bring therapy to the farm, but we also want to bring the farm to therapy.